Custom Cut Beef

Looking for other cuts?

1/4 Cow $750.00

(25LBs Steaks, 25LBs Ground Beef, 25LBs Roasts/Misc.)

1/2 Cow $1,500.00

(50LBs Steaks, 50LBs Ground Beef, 50LBs Roasts/Misc.)

Feel free to give us a call if you desire an additional selection or cut of any kind! We can fashion any cut you may desire within a five week turn-around. From organs to roasts to quarter, halves, whole cows, and anything in between, let Vistamont Farms be your farm away from home!

We sell our meat in bulk by whole, half and quarter cuts. Please email us at for a cut sheet! Don’t forget that certain cuts come from certain parts of the cow, so keep that in mind when selecting! Please refer to the beef map to understand the cuts. We do require a 30% deposit before we custom cut, just to ensure you are serious about your purchase.

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